Mr. Ban Ki-moon
UN Secretary General



1. To provide an apolitical and non-profit making platform for youth of the world from Governmental and Non-governmental organizations, political parties, stakeholder groups, researchers and experts to join hands together in the fight against terrorism

2. To carry forward the international efforts of youth against terrorism till that time the menace of terrorism is eradicated from the earth

3. To co-ordinate with and provide assistance to International organizations like the UNO in the mission of eradication of terrorism


1. To conduct studies both philosophical and practical to understand the root causes of terrorism and suggest policy solutions

2. To conduct awareness campaigns against the evil fallouts of terrorism

3. To expose and take steam out of the false propaganda of terrorists and States abetting terrorism and isolate them in international community

4. To act as a pressure group against terrorist activities and to mobilize international public opinion at various international fora against terrorist actions

5. To provide support to needy groups and States in their efforts against terrorism

6. To act against State terrorism (both overt and covert forms) and launch campaigns against States indulging in terrorist activities

7. To dissuade vulnerable sections of the Society in taking to terrorism by launching

awareness campaigns and initiating measures needed for peaceful coexistence

8. To conduct conferences, training programs and workshops periodically against

terrorism so that various stakeholders working against terrorism can interact and find solutions to the menace

9. To effectively utilize the print media, broadcast media and the Internet to spread awareness on the evils of terrorism

10. To coordinate with International organizations and ensure that effective measures are taken by these bodies to contain the activities of terrorists




Mr Manmohan Singh
Hon'ble  Prime Minister  of India.

"Terrorism is one such challenge for which many of us have paid an unacceptable price..."

While addressing the United Nations
in New York


Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Ex. Prime Minister  
of India

Speech given by him    on terrorism, at International Youth Conference held in  New Delhi



Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Hon'ble Prime Minister   of India

Speech given by him    on terrorism, at International Youth Conference held in  New Delhi


Mr Lal Krishna Advani
Hon'ble Deputy Prime Minister of India.

Speech given by him on terrorism, at International Youth Conference held in New Delhi