Mr. Ban Ki-moon
UN Secretary General

 Inauguration of WYCAT Malaysia Chapter

WYCAT International Chairman Mr. G. Kishanreddy's Speech at Inaugural function of WYCAT Malaysia Chapter



Protem committee members of WYCAT Malaysia,the Press, the Police, all distinguished guests who have gathered here to meditate on a lofty ideal of working for the establishment of world peace, to protect the rights of every citizen of the world, to live and to live with dignity. 

I am indeed happy to be today in this beautiful city of Kaulampur, the capital of Malaysia, to inaugurate the Regional Charter of World Youth Council Against Terrorism.  I place on record, at the out set, my appreciation for Sri Pritpal Siddu and others who have been working relentlessly to have a regional centre of WYCAT here.

Malaysia and India are the most ancient civilizations.  We have a number of things in common.  India always recognized Malaysia as a friendly nation and a formidable force in South-East Asia.  India and Malaysia both have been victims of terrorism.  India had experienced terrorist threat for some time in Punjab and it has been fighting terrorism and cross border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and other parts of the country.  Similarly Malaysia had tough time with terrorism for 42 years.  It fought Communist Guerrilla terrorism.  The collective will of the peace loving Malaysian people has defeated this terrorism.  However, what interests and impresses everyone is the way Malaysia tackled  it.  Malaysia tried to address the core issues which gave space for terrorism.  At the same time it did not compromise on fighting terrorists.  The two-pronged approach of Malaysia in fact, proved prolific.

I am aware, Malaysia is resolute and steadfast in fighting all forms of terrorism.  In Malaysia and is committed in supporting the global war against terrorism 

Malaysia is a model of an Islamic nation that is moderate, progressive, and tolerant, constant with modernity; and more importantly, a model that has succeeded in a multi-racial, religious and cultural setting.  Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Animists live harmoniously together, enjoying the fruits of prosperity and stability.  I am also aware, that Malaysia offered to establish anti-terrorism centre. 

WYCAT was established in the first international Youth Conference on Terrorism which took place in New Delhi in 2003.  195 delegates have participated from all nooks and corners of the world.  WYCAT is the manifestation of the aspiration of the global youth to have common plot-farm to fight terrorism.  WYCAT attempts to bring all the international youth of all religions, of all cultures, of all beliefs, of all races, of all communities and of all economic groups under the umbrella, for continuous terrorist activity would severely affect the prospects of the Youth.  In fact, the WYCAT mission statement expresses its unflinching commitment to fight terrorism by all means and in all its forms and complement the efforts of all democratic governments to defeat terrorism and establish world peace and universal brotherhood. 

In the New Delhi declaration of the       WYCAT the international youth community has accepted the challenge of terrorism as a threat to the human existence.  Terrorism violates human rights, abuses  human dignity.  The WYCAT declaration urged the world community to ensure all measures to tackle the threat of terrorism.  The WYCAT  action plan has as one of its agenda to hold comprehensive youth awareness programmes throughout the world by way seminars, symposiums, conferences at regional charters have and international level.  In pursuance of this WYCAT resolution regional charters have been established in different parts of the world.  I am happy that the Malaysian charter would spread the activities of WYCAT  not only in Malaysia but in other nations of south-east Asia. 

We began this Conference today, when the horrendous activities of terrorist have been going on in London.  It is a sheer coincidence that we experience and witness the carnage of terrorist in the city of London.  The London bomb lasts prove that terrorism is anti human, anti religion, anti women, anti children and those Jihadi terrorist who triggered off blasts in London on 7-7-2005 should realize that their attack have killed all the people, the Muslims, the Christians, the Hindus Children and women.   What  have they achieved? Can we justify this madness? Whatever is the provocation, whatever are the reasons, compulsions no one should drift to the level of killing another person. 

The nature of terrorism that we witnessed on 7/7 and 9/11 bring about shocking revelations.  They point to sophisticated technology that the terrorists have.  The facts available suggest that shadowy operatives who incite terrorist acts in different parts of the world have developed their capabilities to sophisticated, almost-impossible-to-guard-against levels.  They have the capability to recruit, train, equip, and motivate potential suicide bombers within a short period.  These operatives can non form autonomous ‘cells’ that can function without overt assistance from networks like Al-Qaeda since the Internet provides them easy access to what it takes – from inspirational tracts to bomb making manuals.  It is important to notice that the first needle of suspicion with respect to London bomb blasts turned towards the Pakistan.  It is now clear that Pakistan has increasingly becoming vulnerable for those organizations which want to spread terrorism.  It is a different thing that Mushrraf government condemned the London carnage.  The Mushrraf Government must exert itself further in the campaign against terror since the London bombers apparently had links with madrassas in Pakistan. 

It said administrative and legal action against militant organizations has failed to dismantle a well-entrenched terror infrastructure.  All banned extremist groups persist with new labels, although old names are also still in use.  The Jihadi media is flourishing, and the leading figures of extremists Suni organizations are free to preach their Jihadi ideologies.  Leaders of banned groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba, Sipahe Sahaba, and Jaish-e-Mohammed appear to enjoy virtual immunity from the law.  They have gained new avenues to propagate their militant ideas since the chief patrons of Jihad, the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUN) have acquired prominent and powerful roles in Mushrraf’s political structure. 

On the other hand, the western powers, above all the United States must review some of its policies so that if at all its policy in Iraq of Afghanistan has become a source of terrorism it must appropriately take corrective measures.  The super powers of the world have a responsibility to understand different points of view of different nations. 

Given the changing nature of terrorism, it is important not to view terrorism narrowly.  Terrorism is a tactic that can be used by a multitude of actors for a number of reasons.  This is not to say that every criminal act is terrorism.  Clearly there should be delineation between criminal activities and terrorism. 

The end of the Cold War and the disintegration of the Soviet Union had two major effects.  Firstly, they produced a belief in the military establishment in Pakistan and amongst those affiliated to radical and fundamentalist armed groups that had participated in the Afghan “Jihadi” that militant  Islam could be used as a weapon to achieve political objectives across the world.  Secondly, with the Communist ideology being perceived to have failed, people in countries in West Asia and elsewhere saw religion as the sole unifying factor to challenge established Governments that could not fulfill their aspirations. 

It is no coincidence that the terrorist linked to the Taliban and Al Qauda have endeavored to strike primarily in countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and India.  These are all countries that have pluralistic societies that are committed to upholding democratic and pluralistic traditions and values.  India is proudly home to the second largest Muslim population in the world.  It is not without significance that there has been virtually no case where an Indian Muslim has joined ranks with the Taliban or Al Qaeda. 

A study of recent terrorists reveals that most of the terrorists are highly educated.  The men who planned and carried out the Islamist attacks on America were confused, but highly educated, middle class professionals.  Mohammed Atta was town planning expert; Ayman al-Zwahiri, Osama bin Laden’s chief of staff, is a paediatric surgeon; Omar Sheikh, the kidnapper of Daniel Pearl, is the product of the same British public school that produced film-maker Peter Greenway. 

Peter Bergen of Johns Hopkins University recently published the conclusions of his in-depth study of 75 Islamist terrorists who had carried out four major anti-western attacks.  According to Mr.Bergen, “53 percent of the terrorists had either attended college or had received a college degree.  As a point of reference, only 52 percent of Americans have been to college.”

Therefore, the question that have and why the educated are getting influence by terrorism.  We all know that no religion preaches terrorism.  Of all the religions Islam categorically states that killing innocence is anti-Islamic.  Therefore, there is no justification that jihadi terrorism which we witnessed in some parts of the world now.  Therefore in becomes the imperative on the part of WYCAT to spread education among youth to make them realize the essential message of any religion is protection of innocents.  There can be some reasons for agitation.  There can be discrepancies in the system.  There can be inequalities, there can be areas where a section of people are feeling oppressed, there can be areas where there is injustice.  But all these can be solved by launching concerted and sustained campaign, Terrorists who have so much will and commitment to work for the cause which they believe in should ponder over for a minute and channelize their energies for a democratic fight for the rights.  WYCAT will be in the forefront to lead thus reformed terrorists.  It is in fact, the objective of  WYCAT to have a multi-pronged approach which includes eliminating injustices in any form. 

I think Malaysia is a modern nation and Malaysian example can e emulated by other nations specially the Islamic nations.  Malaysia is plurastic country.  Though the Muslims are more than 60% we have equal respect for other religious groups.  Like Buddhists, Hindus and Chinese.  Malaysian culture is a wonderful example where opinions of one another are respected.  For example, Muslims like beef Hindus don’t.  Chinese like pork Muslims don’t.  But then we have people of all food habits eat at one table.  This is the sense of accommodation, and this is the sense of tolerance and this is the sense of respect and this is the sense of co-existence.  WYCAT regional charger must spread this message everywhere. 

Malaysia today is strong economy.  I am impressed to know that unemployment rate is very very low.  i.e., 36 millions of a population of 26 millions.  Malaysia have a strong potential to grow.  Terrorism which is spread all voer the world specially this part should not become threat to the growing nation.  WYCAT regional charter under the leadership of Mr. Pritpal I hope will work towards this. 

I wish to emphasis that no war and no bloodshed can ever be justified.  The terrorist attacks on New York, on Madrid, on London, on Ayodhya or the bomb blasts in Mumbai are as unpardonable as the war on Afghanistan of Iraq. 

I wish to conclude the speech by quoting former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir who is regarded as a world statesman and Muslim leader, is a credible voice of reason, moderation, pragmatism, and progress, who said in his speech in New York. 

"Malaysia’s response to the latest manifestation of terrorism is not only to act against our own potential terrorists, but to seek to define terrorism and terrorists so that there is no ambiguity and everyone will be able to fight against them.  We should not seek to avenge particular killings of innocent people.  We should seek to fight all terrorists everywhere, and we should fight them not just by direct action but more by winning the hearts and minds of the people, so as to reduce support for acts of terrorism and to reduce the attraction of acts of terror for those who see no means of redress for their own sufferings."

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