Mr. Ban Ki-moon
UN Secretary General


World Youth Council Against Terrorism, the WYCAT, congratulates and compliments all the soldiers who risked their lives to eliminate the enemy of humanity, Osama bin Laden. The WYCAT places on record its appreciation for all those who have directly and indirectly contributed to the tracking of the world’s most wanted terrorist.

The whole episode once again demonstrates the resolve of the people of the world to fight terror. However, the incident also raises a slew of questions which the Pakistan government must answer. No one is willing to buy the theory that the most wanted terrorists of the World was hiding in a mansion in Pakistan without connivance of the administration.

The WYCAT appeals to the UN to probe this aspect thoroughly since any country supporting terrorism tacitly or overtly is against the UN convention.

Though the killing of Osama bin Laden is certainly a victory, the fight against terror is a continuous one and we need to engage ourselves in our fight. Our fight should now continue not against individuals but against the mind set. Bringing about attitudinal change among those who believe in terror is the only panacea. Youth of the World must rededicate themselves towards achieving this cause.




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